DIII Announces Team Captains

KC Elliot  Team Captain, ACHA DIII

KC enters his third season with the team and his first season as team captain of the University of Delaware ACHA Division 3 Men’s Ice Hockey Team.

KC is a Pre-Veterinary and Animal Bio science Double Major. He grew up in Marriottsville, Maryland.

Elliot isn’t the type of defense man that will achieve high point totals during a season. But where he does truly thrive is his physical play in all three zones of the ice. He has gotten himself into trouble at times, but the 20-year-old blue-liner is one of the best on the Hens in terms of forcing the opposition to the perimeter and forcing the team to make mistakes. For fans of PK Subban and Chris Pronger, Elliot is never afraid to launch himself into an opposing forward looking to make a fancy play around him, and, in a majority of the cases, KC comes out on top. He isn’t a huge guy, but what makes him so effective is his ability to make himself play much bigger then he actually is, creating an intimidating profile for the opposition to battle against.

Steve Cacchiolli – Assistant Captain, ACHA DIII

Cacchiolli is set to enter his third season with the program, he is an Economics major in the Alfred Lerner School of Business. Steve is coming off a banner year where he had 12 goals and 29 assists (41 points) in the regular season, highlighted with game winning overtime goals in two league games.  Last season the Manhasset Hills, NY native’s great development came through a positive attitude and commitment to putting in the necessary work to get better every day which earned him the confidence of the coaching staff and respect of all his teammates.