2016-17 Roster Announced

Newark, DE. – Today, the Hen’s announced on twitter their 27 players that will make up its 2016 Men’sD3 Ice Hockey Team.

The roster includes 13 from the greater Tri-State area.This area is well know for the level of their club athletes that continue on to play higher levels of hockey. This is a stark contrast to four years ago when the team featured just three players from the tri-state. Among those selected were veteran forward Jake Bernstein who had a great freshman campaign with line mate Shane Saladis. Shane is the reigning Rookie of the Year winner and is currently second in the club’s all time scoring.

“We went through a very thorough selection process to get to today and could not be happier with the team we’ve selected,” said Senior KC Elliot (Marriottsville, Md).  KC is a returning captain and will continue his role going into the 2016 season. “We’re fortunate to have probably the deepest talent pool we’ve ever had and that made for some very difficult decisions.” “In the end, however, we’re confident we’ve selected a group of players that we feel put us in the best position to have success down the road.”

“We appreciate the work done by the coaching staff and all those involved in putting this roster together,” said Troy Klahre. We are looking forward to a great DVCHC season.”
Along with Bernstein and Saladis, eight other forwards, two defensemen and one additional goaltender with D3 experience punctuate the roster, highlighted by defenseman Matt Bishop (Mt. Royal, NJ), who lead defensive scoring last season.