Team Superlatives

Now that the season has come to an end, we wanted to look back at some of the fun memories the team has made. This Blue Hen team is made up of leaders who are always there to support each other on and off the ice. Here are the superlatives for the 2021-22 season, voted on by the team.

Biggest Flirt
#38 Dom Guido

Best Wingman
#30 Corbin Gustafson

Most Likely To Be Carded At 30
#12 Shane Straubinger

Most Likely To Win The Lottery And Lose The Ticket
#15 Luke Dosen

Most Likely To Be Found In The Library
#28 Will Zimmer

Life Of The Party
#17 Ryan Luppe

Most Likely To Be A Trophy Husband
#10 Ryan Burns

Best Nickname
#22 Ryan β€œRoy” Rodrigues

Most Likely To Marry A Celebrity
#16 Michal Biben

Best Person To Be Stranded On An Island With
#8 Trevor Earley

Biggest Band-Aid
#14 Christian Brunelle

Most Accident Prone
#24 Jay Luce

Most Likely To Be On The Bachelorette
#21 Luke Houk

Most Likely To Get Married First
#5 Andrew Marciniak

Best Hair
#20 Ivan Sidoriak

Most Likely To Make You Laugh
#7 Jack Zimmer

Most Likely To Be Late To Practice
#4 Colin Emerich

Best On-Ice Style
#11 Pat Meckel

Most Likely To Be The Future Coach Of The Blue Hens
#26 Brian Ostrander

Most Likely To Start A Podcast
#37 Gavin Hulser

Most Likely To Be A Movie Star
#31 Jacob Snellenburg

Most Likely To Be Fit At 40
#6 Harrison Chuma

Most Interesting Man In The Room
#19 Chris Heitzhaus

Best Cook
#27 Ben Meisinger

Best Off-Ice Style
#25 Jake Nimeh