Senior Spotlight: Michael Nisky

Michael Nisky hails from Colonia, New Jersey and has been a forward on the team for the past four years. Michael studies Accounting and MIS while serving as Co-captain for the Blue Hens. Following in his older brother’s footsteps, he has been playing hockey since he was three years old. He ended up at UD because he was looking for a school that had a good mix of academics and athletics and he is confident he found that here in Newark. 

Michael is a man of many talents, he is double-jointed in both thumbs and is also the fastest skater the team has ever seen. Through 146 career games, he has racked up a total of 191 points. He finishes his UD hockey run with 140 assists, setting the All-Time Delaware Ice Hockey assist record. He has been crucial to the Hens offense these past four years and his presence in the line-up will be missed by the team and fans. 

A huge sports fan, Michael is proud to root for the New York Mets and Jets. However, his fond childhood memories come from the sport of hockey. His favorite hockey memory was experiencing the Pee-Wee Quebec tournament when he was 12 years old, where he traveled to Quebec and got to stay with a local family for a few weeks. As far as what he’ll miss most about UD Hockey, he says, “Living with Kevin Felice and Chris Mazzella because I’ve lived with them for the past few years.” His final words for the team he’s leaving behind and future Delaware hockey players is to “Cherish the moments throughout the four years because they go quick.”


20 Questions:

  1. Kate’s or Grottos? Kate’s.
  2. Regular wings or boneless? Boneless.
  3. If you could have any superpower what would it be? Invisibility.
  4. Most embarrassing moment ever? “Missing an empty-netter.”
  5. If you could choose one song to sing on American Idol, what would it be? What do you Mean by Justin Bieber.
  6. Who is your celebrity crush? Justin Bieber.
  7. Dream vacation spot? Australia.
  8. What’s the best prank you ever played? “Leaner on Jay Luce.”
  9. What’s one thing you can’t live without? Accounting.
  10. Favorite meal of the day? Dinner.
  11. Dress up or dress down? Dress up.
  12. Who is your role model? My Dad.
  13. If your life was made into a movie, who would play you? Ellen Degeneres.
  14. Best pickup line? “Check my point streak.”
  15. Is it “Pork Roll” or “Taylor Ham?” Pork roll.
  16. If you could eat dinner with any three people, dead or alive, who would they be? John Redgate, Wayne Gretzy, and Joe Namath.
  17. Who is your favorite Disney princess? Mulan.
  18. You’re a new Crayola crayon color, what’s your name? “High Point Brown.”
  19. Is it a great day to be a Blue Hen? “Always.”
  20. Ready to graduate or not? “Yeah – absolutely.”

-Georgia Mottola