Senior Spotlight: Jack Zimmer

Jack Zimmer, defense number 7, has finally completed his last season as a University of Delaware Blue Hen. Jack has played well over 100 games here at the University and has been an asset to the team since he joined. When asked to describe himself as a hockey player in 3 words he stated “flipping the puck.” Zimmer is a sports management major with a minor in psychology. He is from Randolph, NJ. At the young age of 4, Jack’s mom took him to his first open skate, from there he started playing cross ice, and by the age of 11 he was playing tier 1 hockey. The first team Jack ever played for was the New Jersey Freeze, just like his brother Will. Since joining the team, Zimmer has spent many hours with his teammates that he simply could not pick a favorite team memory. He said, “My favorite team memory is all the times on and off the ice with the boys.”

After taking the time to decide where to go to college years ago, Jack landed on the University of Delaware because he believed it had a great combination of academics, people, and, of course, hockey. Zimmer’s greatest hockey achievement in life up until this point was being able to play hockey at the collegiate level. His favorite team to go head to head against during the season is the Rhode Island Rams, who they ended up facing in the first round of the ESCHL playoffs this year. After many seasons as a Blue Hen, Jack learned many things on and off the ice. “Realize just how lucky you are to be able to play college hockey with your best friends. This sport has taught us so much, use what you’ve learned here to push yourself forward through life,” said Zimmer as advice for his current teammates. Jack was not only just a player on the team, but he also got the opportunity to be one of the alternate captains for the team. One of his main goals was to keep the boys together and on the same page. To achieve this goal, Zimmer stated that he “kept being light and tried to be ‘funny’ to keep the fellas together.”

Some of Jack’s biggest inspirations are his parents because they are his role models and support system all wrapped into one. As for the future, he wants to join the business world, mainly in sports sales, to eventually coach hockey, and to write. We look forward to seeing what Jack will accomplish and wish him the best of luck in the upcoming years!

Written by Erika Scholtz