Senior Spotlight: Gavin Hulser

Known as a fast and intense playmaker on the ice, senior Gavin Hulser has officially completed his time here as a Blue Hen. Number 37 has played over 70 games representing the University of Delaware. He is from Bethpage, NY, plays at center, and is a marketing major with a minor in professional selling and sales. Hulser’s dad started teaching him how to stickhandle at the age of 3, and he would take him to their local rink to learn to skate. As Gavin got older, around the age of 5, he joined a youth hockey clinic called “The Stanley Cubs.” This is where he started really learning the sport and was able to play with kids his own age. The first team Hulser ever played for was the Nassau County Lions. As a Blue Hen, his favorite team to play against is University of Rhode Island. Against them, Gavin has scored two playoff winning overtime goals. “My favorite team memory is winning in overtime against University of Rhode Island my senior year,” he stated.

Amongst all the possible reasons to choose the University of Delaware, one of Hulser’s was his instant love for the Fred Rust Arena. The size of the rink and the locker room fascinated him. Not only did he know he wanted to be a part of a team with a lot of history, but he also wanted a fast paced intense team to play for, and that is exactly what the team here had to offer. While at the University of Delaware, Gavin has learned plenty of things, but he stated that “enjoying the little things, giving it your all, and having fun,” are the most important. His biggest hockey achievement thus far is being the assistant captain of the team his senior year. He loved being able to have a positive impact on the team. His role as assistant captain was to set the tone for the team, keep energy high, and to step up in some of the most important moments when the team needed it. “My leadership strategy was to keep morale high because hockey is a game of momentum and our emotions needed to be high in order to win the tough battles,” stated Hulser.

Gavin’s biggest inspiration is his dad. His dad has taught him to live a positive life, treat others with respect, and to surround himself with people who motivate him. The relationships he has made on this team over the years will last a lifetime. He said, “I am thankful to have played for such a great program and am excited to give back to the team and support the future Blue Hens.” As for his future, Hulser has accepted a job in sales for PayPal. He plans to take these next few years to continue learning and growing and to hopefully run his own business. The future is bright and we look forward to seeing what it holds for number 37!

Written by Erika Scholtz