Senior Spotlight: Brian Ostrander

After four seasons and over 100 games played at the University of Delaware, Brian Ostrander will be graduating and retiring as a Blue Hen. Number 26 is one of the many forwards on the team and with around 70 points over many seasons, he is considered an accountable, quick, and smart hockey player. He is a sports management major from Rockaway Beach, NY. When Brian was 5, he and his friends got signed up for a learn to skate program in Coney Island, NY. The learn to skate program eventually turned to a learn to play program, and by the time he turned 7 he started playing for a team called the GNY Stars. Ostrander then played for the GNY Stars until he eventually made his way to become a Blue Hen at the University of Delaware. “My favorite team memory as a Blue Hen was sweeping Stony Brook either time they did,” said Ostrander. He also recalls one of the first times he was on a shift for the team, “My most embarrassing moment was when at my first game ever playing West Chester at Ice Line I forgot I still had my skate guards on and went running out on the ice and immediately fell.”

Everyone has their own reasons for picking the school they plan to spend their next four years, and Brian had his own reasons for choosing Delaware. When he visited, he really liked the school and everything it had to offer, even outside of hockey. Brian’s biggest hockey achievement thus far in his life is winning a state championship. His favorite team to play against is the Stony Brook Seawolves, just like some of his other teammates. Ostrander has learned many things throughout his four seasons on this team. “Take a moment to realize the privilege it is to get to pull the Blue Hen sweater over your shoulder pads and represent the university, realize how many people wish they could be in your shoes and seize every opportunity,” stated Brian as advice to future and current teammates. Just as importantly, he learned to take advantage of the time playing, because you never really know what it will end. Not only is Ostrander a graduating player, but he also had the opportunity to be one of the captains for the team. He has used this role to help all 26 players learn to become 1, and guide the younger ones on the team to future successes. His leadership strategy includes gaining his teammates’ trust and getting to know them as people in order to find the best way to lead them as hockey players.

Brian’s biggest inspirations are his parents. He feels incredibly lucky for how they raised him and the amount of opportunities they gave him throughout his life. For the future, he hopes to find a job in sports management, preferably involving hockey. He has already been given the opportunity to coach at the youth organization where he started his hockey career. As the following seasons approach, we won’t forget the advice left behind by Ostrander and look forward to seeing what the future holds for him!

Written by Erika Scholtz