Senior Spotlight: Andrew Marciniak

Number 5, Andrew Marciniak, is one of the many players graduating and moving on from University of Delaware Blue Hens hockey. Marciniak is a finance major from Naperville, IL and has been with the Blue Hens for four seasons now. When asked to describe himself as a hockey player in three words he said, “No hands, slapshot, defense.” Andrew started playing hockey when he was 7, after going to a practice with his neighbor. After that moment, he decided to quit baseball to pursue hockey fully. The first team he played for was called the Romeoville Huskies, and the rest is history. While playing at the University of Delaware, one of Andrew’s favorite team memories was going on roadtrips with the team and sweeping Stony Brook.

How did Marciniak end up here in Delaware being from Illinois? “I wanted to go out of state and when I visited Delaware my senior year, the hockey team showed me around and I knew I had to come here,” he stated. Out of all the teams the Blue Hens face during the season, the Stony Brook Seawolves are Andrew’s favorite team to play against. After playing them four times in the regular season and going head to head with them in the ESCHL playoffs this season, the game is always intense against the Seawolves. He believes that his greatest hockey achievement this far in life has been being able to play college hockey. To his current and future team members, Marciniak says “Come work hard everyday, and hang out with the boys as much as you can because it will all be over before you know it.”

Andrew’s biggest inspiration is Duncan Keith. He got the chance to meet him twice and grew up watching him play for the Blackhawks for many years. As for the future, he hopes to get a good job and get a dog. Lastly, he would like to thank his mom and dad for all the driving they had to do to get him and his three other siblings to practice and games. Andrew would also like to thank Buppa, for catching every game and being his biggest fan and biggest Blackhawks fan. We look forward to seeing all the things number 5 will be doing in the coming years and wish him luck!

Written by Erika Scholtz