Delaware Ice Hockey

Garrett Kane is proving that hard work makes him able

The fans who saw it aren’t likely to forget it. Delaware ice hockey ‘s Blue/Gold intersquad game was in the second period and the Blue led the Gold 2-0. Out of the Gold defensive zone, a small centerman glided to the blue line. With a drag of the puck, he was around a backc hecker. Racing past a veteran defenseman, he curled his stick back . The centerman flicked his wrists, and from a seemingly impossible angle , fired a low snap-shot. The crowd heard the ring of the post and saw the center raise his arms in exaltation. The Blue lead was cut in half, and Gary Kane had arrived.  Sitting in his Gilbert dorm room, Kane takes a sip of Powerade and reflects on his end to end dash. -“I’d made the team,” he says. ”I’d bee n through practices, but 1 still didn ‘t feel like I’d proven myself. …

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