For the Delaware Ice Hockey Club, the 1980-81 season represented an unfulfilled dream. On March 20 the Hens watched in disappointment as the coveted Hannigan Memorial Cup was awarded to the hailed Villanova Wildcats in front of a stunned Ice Arena crowd. The Hen’s season, which had begun with hopes of a league title, had ended in eerie silence after Villanova’s 6-3 win gave the Wildcats a two game sweep in the Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Hockey Conferenc e (MACHC) championship series. After a red-hot start, a 13-3 win over Duquesne, the hens were ready to go. The 5-1 start they achieved slid to a halt and they won only four of their next sixteen contests. But when all had seemed lost, they regrouped and eventually squeaked past the Drexel Dragons in their semi-final game to reach the championship round. Though the Hens were the runner-up to the Wildcats, the MACHC coaches recognized their efforts. Center Rich Roux, right wing Steve Hubbart and left wing Tom Coluccio made the first team all-stars.

Rick Mead01230
Steve Grimme03140
Arnie Russo00000
George Watson00000
2Troy Baldridge01010
4Chris Mattie0310130
4Tom Wick04370
7Greg Lamb065110
7Jim Dewson0413170
9Chip Jarry01010
10Bill Browne01120
11Jack Dewson01118290
12Rich Roux02418420
14Tim Brown01419330
16Bob Purcell0611170
18Tom Coluccio01718350
18Fil Sherry0710170
19Steve Hubbart01320330
20Kevin Clark01421350
33Pete Lockhart190000
35Paul Redmond80000