FRONT ROW – Left to Right: Vince Ponticello, Jack Barr, Dave Nash, Mark Delany, Charlie Acerra, Gordie Johnston, Ken Falgowski, Mike Maglio, and Duane Brozek.
BACK ROW – Left to Right: John Bishop, Stu Layton, Jim Monks, Dave Perry, Cniis Matte, Eric Johnston, Chip Jarry, Jim Dewson, Dave Mcleod, Mike Berardi, Marty Hayden, Rick Sheppard, and Howard Gesner.

Absent when picture was taken: Cort Willmott.

John Reid2620113137
1Duane Brozek170000
2Eric Johnston2919214037
3Jack Barr23671322
3Don Kenney10000
4Chris Mattie2805540
5Stu Layton2435855
6Dave Nash27291138
7Jim Dewson2715612
7Larry Webber102022
8Ken Falgowski2335819
9Chip Jarry2424622
10Cort Willmott71120
11Mike Berardi282244
12Dave Perry2613418
14Dave MacLeod62130
15Mark Delaney2917375446
16Marty Hayden2819183788
17Mike Maglio2512112321
18Jim Monks2601132
19Rick Sheppard2811142521
20Gordie Johnston26791630
30Vince Ponticello120006