UD Hockey Superlatives 2018-2019

This past season has had its fair share of ups and downs. From the wins, to the losses, the traveling, and everything in between, the Blue Hens have had a memorable season on the ice. As we near the end of the 2018-2019 season, it is time to reflect on the team’s players, and what makes them each so special. Here are this year’s superlatives:



Life of the Party

#18 Cal Raymore


Most Likely to Eat the Last Cookie and not Fess Up

#9 Gregory Jandoli


Best Wingman

#19 Jakob DeFares



Best Rapper

#21 Michael Redgate



Biggest Flirt

#1 Christopher Ponticello



Most Likely to Get the Professor Off Topic

#11 Tommy Cascone



Best Smile

#5 Harrison Good



Best Hair

#17 Michael Racioppi



Fan Favorite

#24 Michael Zidansek



Biggest Drama Queen

#29 Nickon Yazdani



Biggest Heartbreaker

#8 Cam Piorkowski



Most Gullible

#14 Ben Bergman



Most Likely to Marry a Celebrity

#37 Gavin Hulser



Most Likely to be at the Library

#6 Harrison Chuma



Best Nickname

#23 Devin “Dave” Jenny



Most Likely to Die in a Zombie Apocalypse

#2 Adrian Rodriguez



Most Likely to be Found Smiling

#10 Ryan Burns



Best Cuddler

#13 Chris Mazzella



Best Person to Get Stranded on an Island With

#26 Brian Ostrander



Most Likely to Start a Fight

#39 Pierce Lamberton



Most Likely to Win the Lottery and Lose the Ticket

#7 Jack Zimmer



Best Eyebrows

#15 Dylan Pasley



Best to Bring Home to the Parents

#20 Ian Anderson



Most Likely to Make you Laugh

#16 Kevin Felice



Most Likely to be a Trophy Husband

#4 Michael Patterson



Most Likely to be Late for Practice 

#12 Colin Emerich



Most Likely to be Seen at the Gym

#32 Ethan Docking



Most Likely to Keep up a Snap Streak

#28 Will Zimmer



The Dancing Queen

#25 Jake Nimeh



Most Likely to be Carded at 30

#22 Michael Nisky



Most Likely to Steal Your Food

#30 Stephen East