UD Hockey Superlatives 2017-2018

As this season comes to a close, the team reflects on all the highs, lows and fun they had together. Having gone from Niagara Falls to Lynchburg, VA to Columbus, OH, they’ve traveled long and far to play the game they love. After countless hours of work, it’s time for a little fun. The team has nominated each other for superlatives this season, and this is how they turned out:

Best Smile

#39  Pierce Lamberton


Biggest Flirt

#1 Chris Ponticello


Best Nickname

#23 Devin “Dave” Jenny


Most Likely To Be a Trophy Husband

#4 Michael Patterson


Most Likely to Start a Fight

#29 Chris Demas


Most Likely to Die in a Zombie Apocalypse

#11 Tommy Cascone


Best to Get Stranded on an Island With

#26 Brian Ostrander


Best to Bring Home to the Parents

#13 Chris Mazzella


Most Likely to Make You Laugh

#3 Danny Demas


Most Likely to be Found Smiling

#8 Cam Piorkowski


Most Likely to be Carded at Thirty

#22 Michael Nisky


Most Likely to be Seen at the Gym

#32 Ethan Docking


Most Likely to Steal Your Food

#6 Harrison Chuma


Best Wingman

#20 Ian Anderson


The Heartbreaker

#10 Drew Torrey


The Dancing Queen

#28 Cole Zucker


Most Likely to Marry a Celebrity

#5 Harrison Good


Fan Favorite

#24 Mike Zidansek


Drama Queen

#9 Greg Jandoli


Life of the Party

#16 Kevin Felice


Best Rapper

#21 Michael Redgate


Most Likely to be at the Library

#30 Stephen East


Most Likely to Win the Lottery and Lose the Ticket

#37 Jack Zimmer

Most Likely to Be on Catfish

#19 Andrew Corapi


Most Likely to Get the Professor Off-Topic

#18 Jake Defares


Most Likely to Keep Up a Snap Streak

#15 Shane Mullin

Most Gullible

#2 Andrew Marciniak


Most Shy

#12 Colin Emerich


Best Cuddler

#14 Dustin Rabinowitz


And that’s all folks! Be sure to catch the final game tonight at the Rust at 5:25 against West Chester University as we honor the seniors who have been with the team the past four years, and hopefully complete the sweep!