Senior Spotlight: Patrick Meckel

Patrick Meckel, known as “Sticks,” has officially finished his ice hockey career at the University of Delaware. This season, Patrick was lucky enough to hold the position as team president. When asked how he would describe himself as a hockey player, he said “determined, coachable, and inspired.” As a Blue Hen forward, he has over 30+ points for the team. Patrick is a finance and accounting major from Finksburg Maryland. He started playing hockey because his dad played hockey and he thought that it was the coolest sport ever. “I originally started playing at age nine or ten and immediately fell in love with the sport,” he stated. The first team number 11 ever played for was the Baltimore Stars and after playing for most of his life he became a Delaware Blue Hen. When it comes to Patrick’s favorite team memory, the wins and losses do not even cross his mind. His favorite memories are the ones made outside the rink with his teammates. 

As a senior in high school, Patrick knew he wanted to attend the University of Delaware and try out for the hockey team. Fortunately for him, he gave his best effort and ended up making the team. “I’m super grateful for the way things worked out,” he said. Patrick’s personal greatest hockey achievement thus far has been earning the assistant captain role this season. For the team on the other hand, he feels that the greatest hockey achievements were sweeping the Stony Brook Seawolves and beating Liberty University at our home rink. The reason behind these games specifically? “These wins gave us spark as a team and pushed us forward, and I think that’s more important than any personal achievement,” Patrick said. Just like many of his teammates, his favorite team to play against is easily the Stony Break Seawolves. Everyone knows that while at college, and while growing up, there are many life lessons to be learned. When asked what advice Patrick would give to current and future teammates he said “Keep pushing forward and continue to give your best effort everyday you’re at school and at the rink. Enjoy every moment because these guys are going to be your best friends, even past graduation.” Not only this, but to never take anything for granted, even when things don’t seem the most fun in the moment, because it all goes by so fast. As stated earlier, number 11 had the role of assistant captain this season, along with Ryan Rodrigues and Riley Dohner. Patrick’s strategy in his role was to lead by example. He took great pride in his worth ethic and attitude. No matter if it was a 6am practice and a big rivalry game, he always went in and gave it his best effort. 

Patrick’s biggest inspirations are his parents. They have always been there to support him no matter if it’s with hockey or life in general. His parents have sacrificed a lot for him, especially when it came to hockey. He said “They have been so selfless in my life which has given me so many opportunities. I am beyond grateful and they inspire me everyday.” As for his future, Patrick’s plan is to work in the banking or finance fields as a credit/financial analyst. We look forward to seeing where Patrick will end up and wish him lots of luck!