Senior Spotlight: Michael Redgate

Michael Redgate hails from Suffern, New York, a town known for its successful high school hockey program. He played forward for the Blue Hens all four years of college and picked up the sport when he was just four years old. Michael owes this to his grandpa who loved hockey, which carried on to his older brother and himself getting into the sport. 

A Financial Planning and Wealth Management major, Michael is a big numbers guy and even collects Snapple facts as a hobby. He is most proud of being a New York Yankees fan and also enjoys watching the New York Giants. 

Following in his sibling’s footsteps, Michael committed to UD because of his brother John, who also played hockey for Delaware. He didn’t visit any other school, making his college decision an easy one. With the D1 team, Michael played in a total of 118 games and racked up 62 points over his career. He reflected on his most epic UD Hockey memory,  “Mazz’s goal in the SBU game sophomore year.” However, one memory is his favorite of all-time – winning the state championships with his high school team. As far as what he’ll miss most about the hockey program, he admitted that it was going to be, “Hanging out with everyone on the team any day of the week.” When he graduates in May, he wants to leave the team with this, “Don’t take anything for granted… Especially the time you have here.”

20 Questions

  1. Kate’s or Grottos? Kate’s.
  2. Regular wings or boneless? Boneless.
  3. If you could have any superpower what would it be? To fly.
  4. Most embarrassing moment ever? “I got thrown outside naked by my mother when I was 5.”
  5. If you could choose one song to sing on American Idol, what would it be? Mona Lisa by Lil Wayne.
  6. Who is your celebrity crush? Lil Wayne.
  7. Dream vacation spot? An island.. probably Hawaii.”
  8. What’s the best prank you ever played? “We were staying at a hotel and were pretending to be the front desk. We kept calling Luce and Sidoriak to tell them that they needed to quiet down. We called them three times.”
  9. What’s one thing you can’t live without? Music.
  10. Favorite meal of the day? Breakfast.
  11. Dress up or dress down? “I’m a huge dress down guy but that doesn’t look good.. So I’m gonna say dress up.”
  12. Who is your role model? “My father, Philly Cheese.”
  13. If your life was made into a movie, who would play you? Steve Carrell.
  14. Best pickup line? “You haven’t seen 500 Snapple facts?”
  15. Is it “Pork Roll” or “Taylor Ham?” “It’s bacon.”
  16. If you could eat dinner with any three people, dead or alive, who would they be? Weezy F, Morgan Freeman and Derek Jeter.
  17. Who is your favorite Disney princess? Belle.
  18. You’re a new Crayola crayon color, what’s your name? “Yoshi Green.”
  19. Is it a great day to be a Blue Hen? “Everyday.”
  20. Ready to graduate or not? “No.”

-Georgia Mottola