Senior Spotlight: Jay Luce

As Jay Luce approaches his graduation from the University of Delaware, he will also be leaving a significant mark as a hockey player for the Blue Hens. Jay grew up in Philadelphia, where he was introduced to hockey at a young age by his father. He was put on skates at just four years old and has been playing ever since. Jay’s aggressive style of play is what helps make him such a valuable defenseman. The first team he was a part of was the Wissahickon Warriors, where he learned skills that eventually allowed him to become a key player for the University of Delaware. Jay ended up choosing Delaware because he believed it was a great environment on and off the ice as well as for the remarkable hockey program. One of his favorite memories as a player was being a part of the team’s noteworthy 2021-2022 season, alongside of all of the memories he has made with his teammates on and off the ice. Additionally, his favorite rival team was Stony Brook, and he relished the opportunity to play against them. 


Jay’s greatest hockey achievement was winning two championships at The Hill School, where he graduated from in 2019, but he has continued to excel at Delaware. As a veteran to the team, he was someone that his younger teammates could always look up to. He led by example and strived to be consistent, and his motivation to give every game his all was infectious. Jay’s advice for his current and future teammates is to enjoy the experience of playing as a team. “Everything’s better when the team feels like a team. Your guys will be your guys forever, put the time in and enjoy these four years.” His future plans involve earning his masters in finance and pursuing sales as a career, with the ultimate goal of starting his own business and retiring by 50. 


Jay’s biggest inspiration has been his parents and family, who have set high standards for him since he was little and supported him greatly throughout his hockey career. He is a lover and a fighter, and is proud to have been a University of Delaware Blue Hen. As he moves on to the next phase of his life, we have no doubt that Jay Luce will continue to achieve great things.


Written by Olivia O’Donnell


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