Senior Spotlight: Dustin Rabinowitz


Dustin Rabinowitz started playing hockey when he was five years old. Originally a soccer player from Philadelphia, his stepdad took him off the grass and took him to the store to get hockey equipment. He learned to love the ice, and so did the rest of his family. The rest is history. A highlight of his hockey career is when his high school team was one of the top contenders in the Flyers cup. He said, “It had never been done at my high school.”

Since coming to Delaware and studying Sports Management with a minor in Economics, Dustin has found a second home at the Rust. When it came to making the decision to become a Blue Hen, he knew that UD had a good hockey program. He also said, “In my tour group [at orientation], I saw a lot of people I could be friends with, so I thought it was a good fit.” His freshman year, he played for the Division 3 team on campus, and his sophomore year is when he joined the Division 1 team. Since with the D1 guys, his favorite memory was going to Nationals in Chicago and beating Mercyhurst in double overtime. Aside from that, he thinks that Stony Brook is the team’s biggest rival, they always play high intensity games.

Dubbed the “People’s Captain” of the team, Dustin feels that his role is to be the smiling, happy face that all the guys need. He also announced the new “People’s Captain” for when he leaves, and that is Devin Jenny. Devin has some big shoes to fill, but Dustin has all the faith he’s capable. Rabinowitz leaves the team with a word of advice, “Enjoy every minute of being a UD Hockey player.”

20 Questions:


  1. Cats or dogs? Dogs.
  2. Kate’s or Grottos? Kate’s.
  3. If you could have any superpower what would it be? Super strength.
  4. Most embarrassing moment ever? “During one of my presentations sophomore year, I got up there and was so nervous, and I stuttered for five minutes straight, so that was pretty mortifying.”

  5. If you could choose one song to sing on American Idol, what would it be? A Mariah Carey song.

  6. Who is your celebrity crush? Brooklyn Decker.

  7. Dream vacation spot? Turks and Caicos.

  8. What’s the best prank you ever played? No idea.

  9. What’s one thing you can’t live without? My cell phone.

  10. Fallon or Kimmel? Fallon.

  11. Who is your role model? “Andrew Corapi, just a great guy over all, knows how to cook, clean. He’s gonna be a good husband one day.”

  12. If your life were made into a movie, who would play you? Adam Sandler.

  13. Best pickup line? “Hey, I’m Dustin.” *said with a nice smile*

  14. What’s your favorite color? Blue.

  15. If you could eat dinner with any three people, dead or alive, who would they be? Kevin Hart, Carrie Underwood, Barack Obama.

  16. Who is your favorite Disney princess? Snow White.

  17. Spongebob or Patrick? Spongebob.

  18. You’re a new Crayola crayon color, what’s your name? “Garlic Bread Green.”

  19. Is it a great day to be a Blue Hen? “Always a great day to be a Blue Hen.”

  20. Ready to graduate or no? “Never.”