Senior Spotlight: Dominic Guido

After many seasons as Blue Hen, and over 90 games played, Dominic Guido has finally approached his senior season and will be retiring his University of Delaware sweater. Number 38 is considered a passionate hockey player and is always committed to his team. On the ice he would describe himself as competitive, powerful, and exciting to watch. With over 40 goals as a forward, you can always count on number 38 to be a force to be reckoned with on the ice. Dominic is a sports management major from Sewell, NJ. His hockey career started at the age of seven after watching the Philadelphia Flyers games with his dad. “I was hooked,” he said as he recalled his earliest hockey memory. Dominic played one year as a Hollydell Hurricane and continued the rest of his youth career with Virtua/Comcast. The rest is history, and at the age of 18 he became a University of Delaware Blue Hen. His favorite team memories are when they beat University of Rhode Island in overtime to advance them to the ESCHL championship game and when the team beat Liberty University 6-3 at home this season. When asked about how that moment felt he said, “I felt so proud for myself and the team. It was a huge accomplishment.”

Everyone has different reasons on why they chose to come to the University of Delaware, and for number 38 his reason was all about the location. “I love being close to home to be able to work, see family whenever I want, and for my family to come watch games easily,” he said. Dominic’s greatest hockey achievement thus far has been winning the “Most Outstanding Forward” award at the team’s 2022-2023 banquet. His favorite team to play against in the ACHA is Drexel University, but specifically away at the Class of 1923 arena. He said he “loves the old school feel of the arena.” Many of his teammates would agree too. When you spend countless hours with your teammates and playing a game you love, you learn a huge amount of life lessons. One piece of advice for his current teammates, that Dominic has learned himself, is to always give it your all and to never leave anything on the table. “Always remember that winning is a lot more fun than losing,” he stated. Not only is Dominic a player on the team, but he also had the important role of being one of the captains, along with Ivan Sidoriak, for this season. As a captain, you are held to the highest standards to lead the team. One of Dominic’s biggest leadership strategies is emphasis on team unity, with one of his favorite sayings being “You are only as strong as your weakest link,” so he made sure he was always pushing the team hard on and off the ice. Another strategy he used was bringing the team together by doing activities outside of the rink and to simply enjoy the time spent together. Winning as a strong team makes it that much sweeter. When asked about the team, he said “I have a special feeling about this group and I’m confident we are going to do something that hasn’t been done before.”

Dominic’s biggest inspiration is his father. He sees just how supportive he is and how his dad only wants success, and the best,  for him on and off the ice. “He works harder than anyone I know,” Dominic said. As for the future, number 38 plans on coaching hockey and hopes to land a job in the sports management industry. To close the article out, Dominic said “I am so proud of the team and the guys for just how much we have done this season, especially for making the national tournament. It is a huge deal and everyone should be proud of themselves.” We cannot wait to see what things Dominic Guido does and we wish number 38 the best of luck.