Senior Spotlight: Christian Brunelle

Christian Brunelle, a graduating senior and defenseman for the University of Delaware hockey team, has had an impressive hockey career with a determination to succeed and a passion for the game.


Christian’s love for hockey began at just six years old when his father took him to an outdoor ice rink in Jersey City. He started playing for the North Jersey Avalanche and continued to develop his skills throughout his childhood. When it came time to choose a college, he was drawn to the University of Delaware for its mix of great academics, campus, and social atmosphere. During his time at Delaware, Christian made many great memories, including beating NYU four times and having a victorious senior night against them. His favorite team to play against and biggest rival was Stony Brook, and his greatest achievement so far has been staying healthy for a full season during his senior year and contributing with a big role as both a forward and a defenseman.


Christian credits his parents and grandparents as his biggest inspiration because of their sacrifices to ensure his success throughout his hockey career. As some advice for current and future team members, he says to “enjoy the four years here because they go by quickly and they will be the best four years of your life.”


Looking towards his future, Christian plans to work in wealth and trust management. He has always been a team player and has been a role model for his teammates by leading by example. His persistence, determination, and hardworking attitude have not gone unnoticed and will surely serve him well in his future endeavors. Christian sums up his experience at Delaware perfectly, “being at this school for the past four years has been the best time of my life. I’ve made lifelong friends here playing hockey.” The University of Delaware hockey team has undoubtedly benefited from having such a dedicated and passionate player as Christian Brunelle.


Written by Olivia O’Donnell

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