Season Reflection and Future Plans

Two of the Blue Hens brightest stars, Sophomore John Redgate and Freshman Cole Zucker, sat down to answer some questions. Questions ranged from the season’s best moment to plans for the summer.

John Redgate was the team’s leading point getter. He scored 36 points for the Blue Hens as well as knocking in 13 goals. He was also a clutch performer, scoring a team leading 5 game winning goals and was the team’s most consistent offensive weapon.


Cole Zucker led the team in goals as a Freshman. His 18 goals were five better than teammates Max Freeman and Redgate. His scoring ability put him up there with the best in the ESCHL, good for fifth in that category. He was also a part of ESCHL All-Rookie team, which solidifies his status as one of the rising stars of the ESCHL.

By: Tyler Fitzpatrick

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