May 1 is UD Giving Day

Division 1

UD Men’s D1 Club Hockey is looking to continue raising money to support their team. The money raised each year is put towards various team costs. These costs include traveling, hotels and equipment. It additionally also assists players by lowering yearly dues and payments throughout the season. This project will help future and current players with these costs.

All gifts made to this page will benefit the UD Men’s D1 Club Hockey team’s current-use fund. Any of the challenges or matches unlocked throughout the day will be directed towards the Ice Hockey Club D1 Alumni Association Endowment Fund.

Donor Impact: How your support makes a difference!

Your generous support of UD Men’s D1 Club Ice Hockey directly impacts our team and makes a significant difference. Donations will help the current team fund their travel to playoffs and the national tournament. Through your gift, the team will be able to remain highly competitive while also lowering the cost to play the sport they love.

Matching Funds

Thanks to the generosity of Dave Conklin, BE87, every gift to support the Men’s D1 Club Ice Hockey team will be matched 1:1, up to $5,000. Note: The match only applies to gifts from donors, not challenge rewards applied to the project’s fundraising total.

UD Men’s D3 Club Ice Hockey

The UD Men’s D3 Club Ice Hockey team is raising funds that they plan to use for equipment, travel costs, ice costs and upcoming trips to the Empire Conference playoffs and the national tournament.