Blue Hens Blow Past Towson Tigers 8-1

This past weekend, the Blue Hens celebrated their second win to Towson University for the season. After just recently beating the Tigers on November 17th, the Hens pulled out another high-scoring game, with a final count of 8-1, in favor of Delaware.

Right off the bat, the Hens were ready to win. After 6 minutes of an intense back-and-forth, #25 Jake Nimeh came in with the first goal at 5:54, assisted by #5 Harrison Good and #20 Ian Anderson. Just a minute later, #32 Ethan Docking utilized assists from #19 Jakob DeFares and Nimeh to score the second goal of the night, marking Towson down by 2. Still with no goals from the Tigers, the Hens continued their triumph at 13:03 with a goal from #10 Ryan Burns, who was assisted by #13 Chris Mazzella and Anderson. Then, at 17:25, #16 Kevin Felice put in the fourth and final goal of the period; he was assisted by #26 Brian Ostrander and #24 Mike Zidansek.

The second period consisted of a lot of back-and-forth. While the Hens danced around the goal, Towson did not let them score.

During the third period, the Hens picked their scoring streak back up. Docking scored the fifth goal of the game at 4:33, with assists from #14 Ben Bergman and #18 Cal Raymore. About a minute late, Raymore scored his own goal at 5:19, assisted by Zidansek and Bergman. Although the Tigers put up a fight, there was no stopping the Blue Hens during Saturday’s game. At 14:53, Nimeh scored his second goal of the game, with assists from #17 Michael Racioppi and #8 Cam Piorkowski. Just before the game ended, at 19:52, #28 Will Zimmer scored the 8th goal of the night, marking his first personal goal as a Blue Hen and furthering the lead 8-0. Delaware’s final goal of the night was assisted by Ostrander and #39 Pierce Lamberton. In the final 4 seconds of the game, Towson was able to put one past the Hens, finalizing the score at 8-1. 


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Written by: Rachel Stamberg