2016-2017 Season Team Superlatives

As the story goes, all good things must come to an end. The UD ice hockey team has fought through a long and hard season. The team currently sits on the top in the ESCHL, and at number 17 in the national rankings for the ACHA. The team has spent hours on end with each other, and have gotten to know one another very well. For some end of the season fun, the team has nominated one another for superlatives!

Biggest Heart

#17 Corey Leskanic

Most Dramatic

#25 Max Shusterman

Most Likely to Win the Hunger Games

#24 Mike Zidansek

Biggest Flirt

#30 Stephen East

Best to Bring Home to Mom and Dad

#20 Ian Anderson

Most Likely to use the Snapchat Dog Filter

#2 Pierce Lamberton

Best Legs

#22 Michael Nisky

Most Witty

#8 Jake DeFares

Most Likely to be an Extra in a Movie

#13 Chris Mazzella

Most Athletic

#18 Dean DiSimone

Most Likely to be Famous

#27 Turner Cepuritis

Biggest Spaz

#16 Kevin Felice

Most Likely to Eat All Your Food

#15 Shane Mullin

Fan Favorite Player

#12 John Redgate

Team Clown

#7 Max Freeman

Most Intimidating

#29 Dylan Troiano

Most Likely to Cry While Watching “The Notebook”

#39 Vinny Zingarelli

Best Movember Mustache

#28 Cole Zucker

Best Dancer

#10 Drew Torrey

Best Hair

#19 Andrew Corapi

Most Likely to be Found Napping

#14 Dustin Rabinowitz

Most Likely to be America’s Next Top Model

#21 Michael Redgate

Most Likely to Fan Girl if He Meets Zac Efron

#5 Justin Hoch

Life of the Party

#3 Cameron Bregenzer

Most Dependable

#9 Greg Jandoli

Most Likely to Screw Something up at Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory

#4 Michael Patterson

Best to get Stranded on an Island With

#11 Tommy Cascone

Best Smile

#23 Devin Jenny

Most Likely to Stand Outside Abercrombie Shirtless, Even Though he Doesn’t Work There

#1 Chris Ponticello

With this season coming to a close, the team would like to thank all of their fans, friends, and families for all of their support throughout the year! The team faces West Chester University at home on Saturday afternoon at 5:15 for their final game of the regular season. The team hopes to see everyone there to celebrate the seniors who are graduating and their fans! If you can’t make it to the game, keep up with the team’s social media pages for updates. 

Twitter: @udhockey

Instagram: @udicehockey

Facebook: University of Delaware Men’s Division 1 Ice Hockey


Written By: Analisa Vizzoni